Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Maybe a little too odd...

Blue new potatoes! They really exist. Saw them in a plant catalog. They were just too weird to use for my secret project...so they're no longer secret or part of the project.

Plus... I think this is the first time any of my photos show a purchased mini (the bowl). I have a bunch of other things, just never got around to using them before. I wanted to use a found object to display these, but ironically... I couldn't find it! Ha!

And on the bad news side of things... I think my camera might be dying! I can't afford a new one if it does. Though... I will be buying a new phone soon and the one I'm probably getting is 5 megapixels as opposed to my camera's 7.2 and my crappy current phone's measly 2... so it might not be a disaster.

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