Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why 'Half-Bakery', you ask?

The answer is simple... I'm terrible at finishing things! I had jokingly called the agglomeration of unfinished minis on my dining table a "half-bakery" and it seemed like the perfect name for the blog. I'm full of half-baked ideas and my apartment is full of half-baked projects! See for yourself....

This is the half-bakery, in its nearly-full glory.

*coming soon*

Nothing to see here yet, but I'll either be moving Mini-Food over here entirely or keep doing both. This will be a bit more in-depth than that tumblog, at least in theory, and will bring together all of my activity there, my soon-to-arrive Etsy store, and my even-sooner-to-arrive CDHM Food Blog....and anything else I wind up doing. Nothing against Tumblr, but I think this is probably a better format for my needs. So... look for more activity here soon.