Saturday, March 19, 2011

If it's not one thing...

I want so badly to be making new stuff, but life keeps getting in my way. I took the winter off from clay to spare my fingers as much cracking and bleeding as possible. I did some microcrochet, but I've had a long string of colds, so it's been slow going with that. Now just as I'm about to get back to the clay...I have a cut on my index finger, from a broken pickle jar, so I have to wait...and I can't hold a crochet hook comfortably either! I'm pining for minis so strongly right now! My sister's birthday present will be the next thing I post....when I finish it. Erg.

For now... here's most of a tiny bear I made a few weeks ago. I've finished it since (and made it a scarf), but I don't have photos yet. Ignore the phone blurriness (no macro) and the nasty orange walls of the office. I miss when they were beige! I swear it makes my clay color mixing go weird sometimes.