Monday, August 16, 2010

Still no photos!

So.... I quit the CDHM blog. I just wasn't up to it. It was more work than I thought it would be and I just couldn't keep up and wasn't enjoying it. I'm not feeling quite as crappy as I had been... I can't wait for fall!

The good news - I've been asked to do a tutorial class at the CDHM Forum! I'm beyond honored! If you're a CDHM member and want to learn to make stoneware dishes (like the Mexican and Mother's Day ones), you can sign up for my class. It's Sat, Sept. 11th at noon Eastern.

The meh news - They need the photos 30 days before the class, which is toward the end of this week. I'm gonna go to VA to become a drunken, sunburned mess for a long weekend, so that means that I'm prepping my class stuff *right now*. This pushes my loooooong delayed set back that much further. It's finally coming together, but... well... maybe next week. After that I need to knuckle down and make stuff for a swap. I'll probably post my experiments for it here. The pre-preliminaries came out pretty cute, so...

If you're itching to see more of my work (HAH!) I put up some fail photos on Flickr. They're in the little slideshow thingy to the right. Glitter poo!

The real half-bakery is filling waaay up with little random thingers... fruit, randomness, and stuff I woozily made for Bastille Day but wasn't up to finishing because of the effing weather. I should get off my duff, finish them, and take some pictures, but... again, maybe next week.

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