Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Halloweekslate!

My Halloween stuff is finally done...but my computer still isn't working, so hopefully these photos aren't too awful. My phone doesn't have a macro mode. I took some with my camera too, but I can't upload them.
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  1. I KNOW you! LOL, how could I forget that nickname, blitherypoop!
    Welcome to blog land :)

  2. Hello. :) Kiva Attkinson posts some of your stuff sometimes, right? Amazingly lifelike animals!

  3. soooo adorable! especially the fanged lips XD

  4. I don't know how lifelike they are, they're kind of cartoonish. I recognize you from the CDHM forum. I love your halloween treats. Me too, Cindy - LOVE the lips, LOL!

  5. Thanks, Cindy. : ) I've always hated actual wax lips, but I had to try making some.

    Kristy, I don't mean lifelike as in realistic...more in that I half-expect them to breathe or move. They look like they could.