Sunday, May 30, 2010

Why 'Half-Bakery', you ask?

The answer is simple... I'm terrible at finishing things! I had jokingly called the agglomeration of unfinished minis on my dining table a "half-bakery" and it seemed like the perfect name for the blog. I'm full of half-baked ideas and my apartment is full of half-baked projects! See for yourself....

This is the half-bakery, in its nearly-full glory.


  1. wahaha i prefer this place cos at least we can comment, and have a more in-depth look at your claying process ^ ^ welcome to the blogging world!!

  2. Thanks for following me, Cindy! :D

    The comments are one of several reasons I started this blog. It's also "networked" better. It's existed for less than 24 hours and already has almost as many listed followers as the Tumblr. There are only five there... and two are me and my sister. lol I know there are people who "follow" it but don't use Tumblr, but... this seems to be where everyone is, so it makes more sense.