Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm not dead!

...I just stopped making minis over 6 months ago.

Less than a week after my last post I went on my umpteenth dating site blind date. This one was different. I just moved in with him last month. I'm absurdly happy and amazed that I have something like this in my life.

He's not *exactly* the reason I stopped making minis. I used to make them at work because my job is beyond dull. Then I started doing Weight Watchers again. I lost over 40lbs (I gained a bit back during the holidays, but it's coming off again nicely), but it's changed my habits at work. I eat less, but more often, so having clay on my hands when I can't leave the office to wash them...

I think there's some truth to the thought that it's easier (or maybe more fulfilling) to be creative when you're unhappy. That's been the pattern in my life anyway. Still, I do miss making minis. Maybe in this new year...but for now there's a (bad, but cute) cat being SUPER annoying to get my attention.

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  1. Glad you're happy, but sorry that means no mini posts from you! ;-) Jennifer